Why Savageiii?

My name is Timothy Patrick Savage III, the third born American male. I grew up on the family chicken farm in northwest Georgia with my grandparents, where I developed a strong work ethic and high ideals. I had complete freedom, and as an only child spent a lot of time wondering and imagining.

A child of the 80’s, the decade greatly influenced me with by pop culture and TV. The farm is a LONG way from a metro, but I loved city life. I read what I could and emulated the arts and cultures I thought I would find there. Consumed by advertising and consumer messaging from an early age, I was hooked. The 80’s were a great decade for a lot of powerful creative. Later in my life, I worked retail jobs and excel in that environment. I loved consumerism and marketing. I also liked the spotlight of being an “expert” and helping consumers.

Like most farm boys, I left the farm for the bright lights of the big city. (Well… ‘big’ would be a stretch. Would you believe average city?) I graduated in 2003 from East Tennessee State University with a degree in mass communications and committed myself to marketing and advertising.

I am a full-on advertising and marketing geek. Constantly watching trends in the industry, I love pushing myself to create innovative campaigns and creative for clients. I like to think of myself as infamous, but colleagues and clients alike believe that I am skilled, clever, energetic, self-motivated and dedicated. (Meh..”Six-of-one… half dozen of the other…)

Occasionally, I’m also known to bring my artistic talents home … I love food. My mother, Great-Grandmother and Grandmother gave me an appreciation of for food, and I love to entertain. I also enjoy digital photography/design.

Personal work allows me to feel like a kid again. No deadline… no client critics (I am open to criticism though.) Most of the time, these personal works are in constant states of incomplete or imperfection, but they satisfy me. The new realms of HDdSLR, desktop publishing/editing and mobile applications/life astound me.

That’s really the whole idea here. Creative expression and self gratification.

A wise man once told me that ‘time’ is the only constant in life. No matter what innovation we have, or how much money we have… time is the same today as it was Millenniums ago. With that being said, thanks for your time.