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$20 dinner and back to blogging.

This is like my first blog post in forever… I just got burned out in the early going, but I am going to give it another shot.

Here is another one of my $20 dinners I love so much. Before… a flash-back to how we got here.

The “Warden” is a fantastic cook. Anyone who knows Mom, knows that. Though never truly ‘allowed’ in the kitchen. I created more of a ‘mad-scientist’ method of cooking. It started simply by watching, enjoying, thinking… and a lot of food network. Lately, I love all the foodie blogs on the net, but I am not trying to become that. This is not a competition to me, it is a pleasure.

By-the-way…She can claim all she wants, but fact of the matter is, Kiddo is the only one who gets to cook in tandem in the kitchen with Nana.

We start out as we always do. No plans… nothing in the fridge… just another trip to the store. I know most of the time I look odd wandering aimlessly around the Food City, but meh! I did however know I wanted something light.

Luckily… I found some Tilapia for $3.50 in the ‘meat hole.’ Three nice filets from Vietnam. Yea… yea… blah-blah all you want about “organic” this and “local” that, but my system isn’t fancy y’all. It’s all about eating good, cheap. (Side note: the new NuVal system at Food City is awesome.)

Okay… fish, now what?! “White wine… of course,” I thought to myself. I found a California Symphony in the bargain bin for $5.50. The wine wasn’t complete garbage, but with the $20 limit acceptable.

We’ve got the majors now let’s wrap it up. We’re going to Panko ($1.99) bread the fish and do an orange zest-pepper thing. For veggies, I’ll steam some Broccoli. Then, make some whole grain rice. Already in the cupboard. I’ll go to the Dollar Store later for some Fire Roasted Red Peppers and something special you’ll see later to throw in the rice. While I’m at the store I’ll grab some Chives ($.99) and some dried mushrooms ($2.99) for the rice.

Okay, here we are:


The Haul...



Now, let’s get started…



Goodies for the rice. That's right you see Smoked Oysters from the $1 Store.


Those Oysters were in SunFlower oil. Let’s save that to make a broth for the rice.


Every thing's chopped and ready. I'll start the rice and set this aside. While the rice cooks, the mushrooms are being reconstituted by the wine.


Let’s get the fish ready:

While at the Dollar Store, I also found Almonds and Ginger to throw in the batter. Score!


The Almond's need a quick chop. So let's give them a whirl.



Panko, Orange zest, Ginger and Almonds for the breading. Salt & Pepper the fish and give it a quick egg white wash.




Here's the fish on the broiling dish. The oven is pre-heated to 375 and they'll be in there for 20 minutes or more.


And now…

I will not tell you how to cut or steam Broccoli.



Toss every thing we set aside for the rice. Toss that white wine in too. Stir, cover and turn it off. The fish should be ready soon.



Well here we are. Enjoy.




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