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New promises…

As part of my effort to be more ‘be’ in 2011, here is a promise I made to a dear family. Rather than procrastinate till everything is ‘perfect’ and achieving nothing I intended to do, here is the first installment of an on-going project.

Recently, my second family lost their patriarch. Mr. Stanley was a great man to me and everyone around him. He was loved by many and truly blessed with a talent he passed on to future generations. I am fortunate to have video from my big brother’s wedding and a handful of iPhone recordings.

The video is on DV tape, and if not for my OCD habits about cataloging and backing things up – would have been lost. Fortunately, Heath’r remembered them, and called me looking for them. While I wait on my 6pin-to-9pin firewire adapter to get her from China (BLAH… eBay fine print) – I thought I would share this iPhone recording I took at last year’s family reunion.You will notice it is kind of rough, but it’s intended.

Yes. We are making fun of a wedding couple at the next pavilion. We are known to do stuff like that, but come on y’all it was like 110 degrees outside. Y’all would have done it too. Poor guy. He must have been miserable in that tuxedo. It would infer he will be a good hubby to his wife cause it was a nasty, sticky Southern July hot. He love her something fierce.

~ iii [the fourth son]


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